Class Descriptions
Infants Ratio 1 to 4   
           (Age 6 weeks to walking) 

A small teacher/child ratio with qualified and experienced teachers who provide a loving and safe environment for your baby. If you would like to check on your baby during the day, please call the office and ask to talk to the infant room. The teachers will let you know how your infant is doing to put your mind at rest. Each day you will get a chart that tells you how much your baby ate and when, nap times and other important information.

Toddlers Ratio 1 to 4 
             (Age 1 to 2 1/2  years) 

A more structured environment is introduced with guided play and planned activities.  Your child will be encouraged to enjoy the freedom that comes with walking.  Each day you will get a chart that tells you what your baby ate and when, nap times and other important information.

Pandas  Ratio 1 to 10, but we try to keep it at 1 to 7 or 8
            (Age 2 1/2 to 3, (we work with the child and family
             on potty training)

This class emphasizes social and communication skills and introduces basic academics through the use of small group activities and free play.  The teachers create an environment that promotes sharing, self-help, and listening.  Children are also discovering the independence that comes with being potty trained.

3 Bees and The Bee Hive  Ratio 1 to 10
           (Ages 3 to 4, Being potty trained is a requirement. An
            occasional accident is to be expected)
The fundamental blocks of reading, writing, math, and science are taught.  Our goal is to develop confidence in each child as a student and to introduce children to a school-like setting.

Teddy Bears & Cubs  Ratio 1 to 10 
                               (Age 4 - 5) Pre-Kindergarten

Our pre-kindergarten program includes phonics, sight-reading, art, music, Spanish, number recognition, basic math, and science, and field trips.  The teachers combine curriculum with fun in a positive and nurturing environment. Our goal is to foster a thirst for life-long learning.

Kindergarten   (Age 5, must be 5 by Sept. 1st) 

Debbie T. been with us since 1996.  She taught our Pre-Kindergarten for a number of years.  And has been an outstanding teacher in the Kindergarten program for the past 4 years.  She has been evaluated as a Master Teacher.  This class adheres to state and district standards.  Subjects covered are reading and phonics,  music, language arts, science, social studies, health, and physical education.  The teachers seek to instill each child with a sense of responsibility, accountability, and kindness.  Every child that leaves this classroom has been touched by one of the greatest teachers! 

Before and After School Program  Ratio 1 to 15

                                                  (1st Grade - Age 12)                                                 

During the school year before-and-after-school care is provided with fun and interesting activities.  A teacher waits with the children in the morning for the bus and is there to greet the children in the afternoon at the bus stop.  Homework assistance is provided in the afternoon.  During the holidays and summer, a full day program is offered.  Activities include art projects, games, cooking, fun, and much more.  This program encourages creative learning and memorable childhood fun with an emphasis on making each child feel important and safe.

2015 School Age Summer Camp Information

Teachers   We are proud to have a very low staff turnaround here at Valley View Dayschool. Many of our teachers have been with us for 5 years or more. All of our teachers are required to have the following qualifications:

  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR Training
  • Food Handlers Card
  • 15 Hours of continuing education each year
  • Criminal history background check